Video: Creating a Thoughtful and Unique Space for the Kaufman Organization

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Design Republic worked with the Kaufman Organization, a New York City property management firm, to redesign the public spaces of one of their residential Chelsea properties. In this video, Grant Greenspan, a partner at Kaufman, explains how Design Republic worked closely with him to create a relevant and appealing redesign. The objective was to take an ordinary side-street building and create a memorable experience out of it; to brand the Kaufman properties. Greenspan says Design Republic paid attention to detail, and looked at the project from all angles. What does the market look like? What kinds of tenants are involved in the market? And what are they looking for?


And the result is a vibrant and high-concept lobby space. “The idea is to show peoples’ shoulders moving in a crowd,” Greenspan says. “A lot of detail and care went into designing this system.” This effect is achieved through wood pieces, cut in different undulated organic shapes and lit to represent movement. Design Republic also proposed making the back wall of the elevator clear glass and hiring a street artist to paint the elevator shaft. Now the mural reveals itself to the rider as the elevator rises. “Design Republic took a genuine interest in looking for my customer satisfaction. This was very much a collaborative effort from an artistic point of view,” Greenspan says.


Watch the video here:


Kaufman Organization Client Testimonial from Design Republic on Vimeo.