Video: Yelp NYC Client Testimonial

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When Yelp, the world’s most popular user review site, wanted to design and build a New York office, they went to Design Republic. John Lieu, Yelp’s Senior Director of Facilities & Real Estate, hired Design Republic because of their “high integrity” and thoughtfulness. “They listen to the client really well and integrated my ideas and programming to help feel like we were really synced up. I felt very positive about their responses,” says Lieu.



The result of the collaboration is Yelp’s 160,000 square foot New York office, located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. The office is an employee’s dream, full of playful perks (foosball, ping pong, on-staff baristas) and a unique mini-New York City layout. “Our culture’s very open, very collaborative,” says Lieu. “We don’t have private offices; we just have open stations.”



In this video, Lieu describes how working with Design Republic was logistically and creatively fulfilling. “They understand the goals really well––from A to Z––to achieve a great construction project and design.”



Watch the video here:



Yelp Client Testimonial from Design Republic on Vimeo.